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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Legendary Writers!

[Well, this is sort of a rant, so if you're not comfortable with it, then don't read it.]
Well, let's start of with what the topic is. The topic is, well, bad grammar, unoriginal and totally cliche plot, unrealistic scenes, meaningless sentences, jaw-dropping silly mistakes, and they call them legendary writers! It makes me wanna pull out my hair. 

I mean, a writer works on his/her work so much, that he thinks working more than that gets impossible. He works on everything, from spellings to crafting, from grammar to plot, and first sentence to the last one. They work hard. They review their fiction. Again and again. Until, they're completely satisfied with their work. And let me tell you, no writer, I repeat, no writer is ever satisfied with their work.

And then there comes a few writers in the industry. In my point, they want the fame only. Even when they ask for a critique, they actually want a comment on their stories. I mean, seriously? These people don't care about their writing. all they want is to gain fame. But how are they gonna gain it? With that unoriginal plot of theirs?

They copy others. Maybe, changing the dialogues a bit, but the plot, the story line, agh, they remain copied. I mean, they don't even feel stupid copying others. I know, I would. And then their writing. *Pulls out hair* It frustrates me so much. Their grammar and spellings... Are they writing? Really writing? I mean, they can't even bother to read it once or twice. Not even applying a spell-check. A clumsy writer? Seriously? *Pulls out more hair.*

Their sentences make no sense, whatsoever. Nor do I like the way their characters are. Unoriginal. I mean, their stories are far from reality. And the genre is not even Fantasy. Agh! 

But "The cherry on the top" is that some readers call them LEGENDARY! I know, right? Legendary? Instead of making them improve their writing, they're boosting their should-not-be-having EGO! *Face-palms with both hands*

Look, I'm not saying that I'm perfect and all, but I am learning. I am trying to improve my writing. To let people enjoy it. But, they don't have to try. Just copy a famous plot, add a few far-from-reality characters, throw everything in the face, praise yourself in the first paragraph as introduction to the character, and there you go...A legendary writer!

*Drops dead of the torture*

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