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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Heartless winter

It’s been a damn good run, readers, and it’s time for the next novel...an official one.

The Heartless Winter...the book I just wrote. I'm publishing it, and distributing in most of the areas of Pakistan. You can also find it as an E-book on Smashwords and other sites.


"What do you say about a seventeen year old girl who got burned alive by her loved ones?
Mistakes are a part of life. You make mistakes until the day you die, and most of them, you learn from. But what if your whole life was a mistake? What if you were the mistake? That a girl who loved you made the biggest mistake of her life?

I had a girl, she loved me more than anything, and she was crazy about it. Because she couldn’t live without me. Because she loved me and I loved her back…Because she was burned alive because of it…"

Some of the reviews on The Heartless Winter: 

Miss_Imperfect_: "Unbelievably good... Awesome... Mindblowing... Words are ending... but i cant explain how well the story is written.. how much i loved it... AMAZING..."
basswrites: "You are brilliant writer, and wrote a goose-bumpy, possible tear-jerking story. Bravo!!!!! Got my vote!!!!"
 wattiehottie: "I loved it.. the story was simply breathtaking, i was holding my breath as i was reading the story, as i was afraid i might miss one word and thoroughly spoil the story.. My heart aches for the guy and the girl, i do hope they meet in the afterlife.. Thumbs up for this one.. :)




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